The ImageMagick Accelerator Accelerated Resizing with Ultimate Technique

What is CIP ?

ClusterTech Image Processor (CIP) is a hardware add-in card to servers to speed up the ImageMagick integrated server by offloading the resizing function to CIP from a server’s CPU. CIP uses a high performance coprocessor utilizing Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology to deliver dozens of times the performance of CPU, with one-fifth or one-sixth power consumed by CPU server.

With CIP, a handful of servers can do the work of many racks of systems, reducing the total cost of ownership by up to 80%.

Who is Facing Image Boom Challenge ?

CIP can be applied in applications where image resizing is a bottleneck. Applications examples include social network sites, mobile instant messaging, cloud storage, CDN provider, other large websites etc.

With one accelerated add-in card:

* Resizing on a dual E5-2690 v2 server

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